Pregnancy Explosion

Pregnancy Explosion

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy #2. Unfortunately we do not have a name yet. And no, H is not getting to name him “Walker Texas Ranger”. Sorry!! Hopefully, we will decide/agree on one in the next 6 weeks before he comes.

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A lot of my friends have been having babies over the last 4-5 years but this year takes the cake. I have 16 friends that are due between now and March, including 3 that are due on the same day!! On their behalf and for their sanity I feel obligated to revisit my previous post on What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman. I won’t repeat the whole post because you can read it yourself, but here are some things not to say to a pregnant woman:

- are you sure you’re not having twins?
- you’re only XX weeks/months along?
- wow, are you pregnant?!
- you haven’t had that baby yet?
- are you feeling OK?
- you look uncomfortable

Ladies, I wish you the best of luck and hope your pregnancies go well. I’ll continue to pray for the health of your babies and for patience when dealing with these comments.

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